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Meet Mickey:

A Calgary boy since birth. I have lived my entire life in this great province.  Growing up, I understood the importance of family - and having to deal with four sisters made life as a young boy interesting!

After graduating high school, I attended University where I received a bachelor's degree and later, a law degree.  I wasn't sure what it meant to be a lawyer, but I knew I wanted to give back to my community - and so I worked in an office in southeast Calgary and later opened my own practice where I continued to serve everyday Albertans with their legal issues.

I have been married for almost ten years and together with my wife Heather, we have three wonderful children - two boys and a daughter.  Together, we face the same issues that many Albertans face and want to make this province the best place on earth to raise our children. 

I am proud of my work and my track record.  I understand the importance of good representation and advice, even when unexpected things happen.  I believe that this experience will give me the tools needed to serve as your next representative in the Alberta Legislature.  

Albertans Issues

Carbon Tax

The carbon tax continues to be a source of frustration almost universally across this province.  The truth is, the carbon tax does not reduce carbon emissions.  Most studies indicate that carbon tax emissions have actually increased, and not decreased, following the implementation of the carbon tax in other provinces.  

Alberta has the highest carbon tax in Canada - and yet, thousands of Albertans struggle to find jobs.  The carbon tax is a miserable failure, and the damage it has caused needs to end right now.  

With your support, I will vote to repeal the carbon tax as soon as possible. Support me in scraping the carbon tax.


Education is the backbone of society.  It is the fabric that keeps this province strong, and I stand behind ensuring that our education system remains the best in the world.  I am proud of Alberta's education system but we need to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our children. 

I will ensure that our government properly funds our schools to ensure that our children receive the best education possible.  I will work to ensure that our government implements the best curriculum for our children. 

Job Creation

I believe that Albertans should be entitled to a fair wage to support their families.  I also believe that a strong government should encourage investment and job creation through fiscally responsible programs that attract businesses from across the country and the globe.  

We need to put an end to the NDP policies which have all but eroded investment in Alberta.  We also need to ensure that the NDP does not chase money out of our province.  Companies are leaving Alberta and taking their investment and jobs with them.  

We need to promote and diversity our economy and attract the investment needed to create industry and jobs.  I will ensure that our government provides a stable and strong market for investment so that we can continue to attract the industries and companies that create jobs for Albertans.

Eliminating Alberta's Deficit

My policy on this is simple - everyone has a budget to adhere to.  The NDP government does not seem to understand this.  All of the hard work and sacrifices that Albertans made in the past to pay down our debt have been completely overturned by the NDP government, who have caused the debt to increase to almost $100 billion and counting.

This is debt that your children and my children will need to pay down if we don't do anything about it right away.  I will ensure that a United Conservative government implements strong fiscal conservative values to ensure that we spend within our means and work to eliminate the deficit and reduce the debt.


Delivering Alberta's Resources

Everyone today is talking pipelines, but there's more to the issue.  We need to support and encourage initiatives that deliver our resources to the world market so we can sell them.  

It's no secret that Alberta is a resource-rich province.  Alberta is also the most responsible oil and gas producer in the world.  We need to ensure that our resources reach the market, or we won't be able to compete on the world market with our competitors. 

I support programs that work to deliver our resources to export markets.  We need proper delivery and transportation systems to ensure that our resources reach their target markets.  Our competitors already know this - and they are selling their resources on the world market while the NDP government pretends to fight for our province.  

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